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English tutoring in Guiseley, Leeds

How we teach GCSE English

Understanding the content of written text and being able to extract information or data from it is a very important skill. Achieving a good result in GCSE English can be surprisingly difficult. Unlike other subjects, there are few facts. Rather, GCSE English is almost entirely focussed on acquiring skills – principally reading and writing.
At Kip McGrath we give students the confidence to write an essay with fluency and structure, developing their comments and observations appropriately for an examiner.
On each GCSE practice task, students are aware of their personal targets. They benefit directly from the individual feedback they receive from qualified teachers who are experienced in teaching and assessing to exam board standards.

After we have assessed the student’s strengths and weaknesses, we focus in on the skills the student really needs to improve their performance; skills like comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and essay writing skills. To do this we use a combination of approaches that aim to motivate and challenge, including targeted tasks on Kip McGrath’s extensive computer-based GCSE Resource. Essentially we aim to produce well rounded students who are confident and thoroughly prepared for their exams and assessments.
As the students approach their exams they are able to work through past papers under exam conditions, which are marked with the examination board’s criteria in mind.

How we improve reading Skills

Reading is perhaps one of the essential skills of life. However, for many children learning to read is a difficult experience and one fraught with confusion, anxiety and distress for both the child and the parent. Learning to read is personal and individual and not many schools and teachers have the time that is needed to help children who have fallen behind in their reading. At Kip McGrath we will teach your child to read by first starting at the level they feel comfortable at (their own reading age), this is extremely important. We use books which are at their reading age level but at their own age interest. ( We don’t give Kipper books to a year 6 child, as so many times happens in school, simply because there are not sufficient resources).We also use a combination of phonics and sight word recognition especially in the early years. We incorporate comprehension,spelling and early writing into our reading programme. Most children make enormous progress when they are given the opportunity to start where they feel comfortable at as, along with many other benefits, it also boosts their confidence and makes them feel more positive about reading.

How we teach English grammar, writing and comprehension:

Many times we have children who are reading at the appropriate level, but need some help to improve their comprehension skills, writing skills, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation. It could also be children who are doing average or who are doing well but would like to improve. We use bespoke computer programs as well as worksheets to address these different areas and build the skills needed.

Our English tutoring programme

Our tutoring programme consists of:
One on one tuition with a qualified experienced CRB checked teacher
The teacher will discuss and explain work to your child, not just ploughing through worksheets.
Use of our bespoke English software, worksheets and reading programmes
Use of old SATs and GCSE papers for exam practice.
Set homework that will be marked by the teacher. The teacher also listens to your child’s reading every session.
Regular Re- Assessments of progress
Verbal feedback from your child’s teacher

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