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Wow, what a difference!

"It's not just the improved results in Maths and English,
its the extra confidence that she has about all
her work that astounds us!"

Claim your free Kip McGrath english and maths assessment

An independent, no obligation, evaluation of your child’s maths and English skills by a qualified teacher

If you would like to arrange a free Kip McGrath tutoring/educational assessment for your primary or secondary school child, just fill in the form!

The assessment lasts around an hour and is designed to test your child’s Maths and English skills so that an appropriate programme can be created to suit their level. It will be conducted at our Guiseley centre at a time that suits you and your child.

This is a great opportunity for you and your child to meet us and see the fantastic learning environment they will be taught in before making any decision to enroll.

  •  Test your child’s spelling and reading age. We do two tests for reading. One for sight words only and one to read in context. With younger children we also look at their phonic knowledge and application, and their early reading and writing concept.
  • Tests are carried out by a fully qualified teacher
  • Any identified issues are outlined and educational programmes are designed specifically to suit individual needs
  • Each child is individually assessed not in a group.
  • We give you honest feedback on your child’s strengths and areas of concern.
  • Explain our materials and teaching methods to you. Programmes are designed specifically to suit individual needs
  • Give you a chance to ask any questions and tap into our expertise.
  • Assessments are confidential and obligation free

This Assessment is FREE, there are no hidden costs and you are under no obligation to enroll. Results are discussed confidentially between the qualified teacher and parent.

Claim your FREE assessment here.

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