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What do you see when you visit us?

Happy, confident children making real progress in their studies.

The Kip McGrath Education Centre in Guiseley can help If you feel your child would benefit from specific help to prepare for the 11+ entrance examinations at schools such as Bradford Grammar School, Leeds Grammar school, (GSAL), Ermysteads and other independent and Grammar schools in the Leeds and Bradford area,

We have many years experience in the specific requirements for these exams and an excellent track record in passes achieved.

After an initial assessment we can establish any areas of concern within the English and Maths topics and create an individual tuition programme designed to address any areas of weakness and enable them to achieve their academic goals. We spend considerable time teaching the techniques required to tackle the Verbal Reasoning test in particular as the students have to answer 80 quesions in just 45 minutes!

As exam time approaches, we give each student practice tests in all three areas of Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning and run full day preparation sessions in the summer holidays preceding the September exams.

For a free evaluation please drop us a line or fill in the form.